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إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَمَلَائِكَتَهُ يُصَلُّونَ عَلَى النَّبِيِّ يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا صَلُّوا عَلَيْهِ وَسَلِّمُوا تَسْلِيمًا

﴿قرآن کریم -  سوره مبارکه احزاب - آبه 56﴾

Concept and quality of Salavat

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 . In verse 56 of Sura parties that the "messenger of God and the angels of peace and send Salavat." Now the question is that the concept of God and the angels is Salavat Salavat quality of the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) How.
According to the Shi'a and Sunni Rvayaty widely, quoting the deal, the quality Salavat it comes to the Prophet.
Abvhmz·h Smaly from ankle bone to Ben Jrh Hadith, when the verse was revealed to the Prophet, Salavat, said: Prophet or you ... We know how you do but I Salavat quality you how. Hazrat replied to tell: "Allhm Sl Ali Mohammad and Ali Al-Ali Al-Ibrahim Mohammed coma Slyt Ank Allhm Barack Hamid Majid Ali Mohammad and Ali Al-Ali Al-Ibrahim Mohammed coma Barkt Ank Hamid Majid."

Source: Detailed Mnhj Alsadqyn, c. 7, p. 335 / Sunan Ibn Majh c. 1, p. 293

Rjstgy "Al Prophet in the hadith and the presence of his firm along with the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) when the Prophet peace be on show from the height and position them alongside the permanent presence of the Prophet's tradition (Salavat against God) is.
The significance of this presence must be said, that includes Al Salvati Prophet and the Holy Family has not denounced it Salavat "Abtr and incomplete" has learned. For example, Stone Hysmy Ibn Sunni has a great narrative that Prophet has said: "The Unfinished send my greetings." Say: peace is incomplete?
He said: "Tell that Allhm Sl is incomplete after Ali Mohamed Ali Mohamed and tell Allhm Sl al

Source: Commentary, 7 samples, c. 17, p. 319

In the interpretation of "Aldr Almnsvr, Syvty eighteen quoted hadith of the Prophet based on the" al "to be cited when Salavat.

Source: Tfsyralmyzan, c. 16, p. 517

In another narrative, subject to acceptance of Salavat the Prophet and his family and has been introduced: "Everyone Bgzard prayer and the people on my Bytm Nfrstd Salavat, Nmazsh is not acceptable.

Source: Alsvaq Almhrqh, p. 147-146

Salavat importance

Salavat Saying Muslims that every morning and evening worship times in his best (prayer) to repeat it. Salavat joined God and the angels of the Prophet and the believers that insist on continuing Salavat submit them being in command against the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) Another effect of this is important. "Yaayha Alzyn Amnva Slva against and Slmva Tsyma"
The story of Imam Sadeq (PBUH) asked that the Abvbsyr: Slat on the order of the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) we understand, but give him what is the meaning? Imam said: "Being in order to give him any work."

Source: D. Fsyr Albyan Assembly, Tabarsi, c. 7, p. 579

Of Salavat in the narratives as "best practices" mentioned, as in Kharazmi "Managhebe" Abvlqmh quoted from that day prophet (Allah against Salavat) Gzard morning prayer with us and then us and said:
"O friends, last night my uncle and his brother Abd al-Muttalib Jfrbn Hmzh bin Abi Talib in the dream. I asked them: Fdaytan do, what actions best located? They said: the best practices found in three things: Salavat on your thirst to water and friendship Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH)

Source: Mnhj Alsadqyn, same, p. 361

In another narrative that shows the importance of Salavat, Imam Sadeq (PBUH), quoting the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) to Exalted: "Every name that brought me to him and he Salavat Nfrstd me, the excellence of his turned away from heaven. "

Source: Principles enough, Klein, c. 2, p. 395

Of course, such a heavy punishment from one who deliberately and with it the enmity of magnanimity on Brtabd Salavat mentioned. Salavat necessity in prayer and be conditionally accept peace on the Prophet (Allah against Salavat), and clean his family, seem to represent another important Salavat is.
Consensus of Shiite clerics in Salavat necessity Tashahhud prayer is the first and second. In addition Rvayaty that imams in this area has, in the Sunni books Rvayaty Salavat implies that necessity is, not less.
In the narrative, providing Salavat on acceptance of the Prophet (PBUH) and household (PBUH) is mentioned: "I SAW Slvh and lounge Ysl Fyha Ali and Ali trick people assume my bit"

Source: Review verses and hadith Salavat, Morteza Mohseni Kabir, p. 123

Hence G, jurisprudents Sunni "Shafei, it considers necessary in the second Tashahhud and collective Ahmdbn Hanbal and other jurists believe that the necessity; Although the" owner "and" Abu Hanifa and some of it also desirable know.

Source: Mnhj Alsadqyn, same, p. 357

Some commentators, according to some accounts of meaning and truth with Salavat day Alst Treaty (Alst Brbkm, Qalva yes ...) and Zr world and Salavat linked to renew Covenant promise and covenant with Adam at the beginning of the primary creation have been considered. Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (AS) that the narrative: Who Salavat The Prophet (Allah against Salavat) sends its meaning is that the covenant promises and Covenant in the world Zr Lord said, "Alst Brbkm and Muhammad Ali Nbykm Amamkm "given the language and pass it announces renewal practice and practice and brings to the Covenant.

Source: Comprehensive Commentary, vol 5, p. 37

And virtues of Salavat

Salavat the speaker appearance and its slogan is not without support from its myriad virtues narrative surprise and we wonder on fingers and mouth Afknym brief mention of how such virtues so blessed: the mention of faith is not hidden from all of Azkar Salavat The Prophet (Allah against Salavat), and wash the family is a term and in a sense.
Word repetition, regardless of profit has little meaning and in fact the main virtues mentioned and worship lies. As God stated: "O people of God you are all poor port." (Sura Mobarakeh fater / Verse 15)
Salavat narrator actually put through the Prophet and his family and send them greetings seek mercy and forgiveness to benedictory offers such a rich nature of the quest to satiety. As we said, from non-Salavat pray for mercy.
Salavat in the verse that immediately after God to the Prophet, Salavat strict orders to surrender his command in the command that God commanded him, to. It seems such an order after the Salavat for the fact that it clear greeting them, give the Prophet is something to be against such a submission and real and eternal life of man and brings him to succeed and who believe, When God and the Prophet of what life gives you learn to read, you answered. "Mobarakeh Anfal Sura / Verse 24

Examining narratives Fzayyl Salavat, is obtained such that part of the works related to the worldly life and the life of the Hereafter is concerned that some of them are mentioned, although some of these works is shared between the world and the Hereafter .

A) some secular works

Salavat Astjabt role in prayer

In prayers and narratives infallible (PBUH) and the Salavat being answered prayer can be seen a deep connection.
Sjadyh Scriptures in prayer, chanting Shbanyh Salavat way at the beginning or end of the prayer, because prayer Mqbvlh is Salavat.

Source: B Rrsy Salavat verses and hadith, p. 9

And another story that quoted: "Everyone has a wish from God, the Prophet and first Salavat Al says he wants and then then need Salavat, says Karim because God than that the two sides and the middle prayer answered it answered Not to leave because he Salavat Prophet, and Al Mahjoub and screen remain and must be answered. "

Source: Principles enough, the same, p. 252

Since the Lord has called believers to Him with an approach through intermediaries and across the board (or Ayha Alzyn Amnva Atqvaa ... and you ... Chapter Abtghva Alyh Alvsyl Mobarakeh Maedeh / verse 35) Salavat Qra means through giving intermediates for the grace of God and access to understand the mercy of God as interpreted this verse in Rvayaty back to eat the innocent (PBUH) stated: "the purpose of the device in this verse, we're inmate."

منبع : تفسیرالمیزان، ج 5، ص 517 Source: Tfsyralmyzan, c. 5, p. 517

Narrative of the Prophet that: "Salavat you cause me to be valid Hajat you and God are you satisfied with the returns and to clean your actions."

Source: Tfsyralmyzan, c. 5, p. 326

Along with the angels and ask forgiveness for having them: Since the angels joined the Prophet (Allah against Salavat) Salavat say, Salavat believers means the angels as well as for the angels who Salavat sends to and ask forgiveness for him to Salavat sender.
The Prophet (Allah against Salavat) that the narrative excellence, stated: "Every slave that sends you Salavat, seventy thousand angels send him Salavat and that seventy thousand angels he sends Salavat, Elysian will. "

Source: Comprehensive Alakhbar, Chapter 28, p. 68

Salavat, liquidator "hypocrisy" and "sorrow" and "avarice"

G Prophet (Allah against Salavat) quoted: "Salavat Peace on my family and my hypocrisy destroys."

Source: Mhjh Albyza’, c. 2, p. 313

In another story of Imam Ali (PBUH) advises that if something made you sad, his Prophet, and Al Salavat transmitter ... "

Source: Cairns Almal, c. 1, p. 181

According to another narrative of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (PBUH) the Prophet (Allah against Salavat): "curmudgeon who like my name to be taken to him, Salavat Nfrstd me."

Source: Cairns Almal, c. 1, p. 289

Bless attainment, wealth and richness, remember forget to come clean and documented by the Salavat and Tayeb assemblies being mentioned Salavat, including other works Salavat tradition that has been mentioned.

B) Some of the Hereafter Salavat

Although some of the scholars mentioned in the hereafter, but part of the unique life of the Hereafter that we mentioned:
1) esteem to messenger or ... (PBUH) and benefiting from the intercession of Hazrat:

Prophet (Allah against Salavat) stated: "Everyone Salavat send me, my intercession she comes."

Source: description and virtues Salavat, p. 86

"Armageddon on mankind in every place that I be the one who sent me more Salavat in the world."

Source: description and virtues Salavat, p. 8 5

2) atonement of sins, deliverance from the fire and relieve suffering grave

Imam Reza (PBUH) stated: "someone who is unable to cover the sins with good deeds, should be plenty of Mohammad and Mohammad Al sends greetings Salavat destroys sins."

Works Alsadqyn C 11, p. 214

And the Prophet said: "Salavat light on the right path to me and everyone is on the right path of light, the people will Nar.

Also said: "Me too Salavat Salavat send me that light is light in the grave and in heaven."

3) benefit from the scale and heavy double Hsnat good deeds

From Anas bin Malik said that the narrative: the Prophet of God (Allah against Salavat) inside and I did not see any Msrvrtr day and that day is less than enthused,
He said the reason I asked: "Why I'm not enthused, and that Gabriel went out of sight now and I told the Lord: Every once someone sends you Salavat, ten Salavat send him, his elimination from ten Syyh I mentioned above, and ten for his writing. "
Also, Imam Sadeq (PBUH) narrative, "the heaviest thing on the Day of Resurrection scale actions pass, Salavat the Prophet and his household is."

However, it was noted that only part of the virtues of peace and the prophet and his family is clear of course that accounts for more than that mentioned in this article it is capacity.
Hope that the virtues mentioned in the introduction and operation of large enjoy it.

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